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Talk to “b” Let’s talk business!

“Talk to B” is an initiative that allows female entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs of the health, beauty and wellness industries to connect with the founder of Noia Butters via. 1-hour phone conversation. This conversation will include advice, discussion of common problems within the industry and other professional frustrations.


Being in the healthy/beauty industry, I found it hard to connect with other entrepreneurs in the same industry. There are many elements that people overlook, ie. networking, fulfillment, sales and product development. Business feels like one big “secret” sometimes. It’s okay to share! Many entrepreneurs are all figuring it out as we go. I receive many direct messages from women asking me how to do certain tasks in business.

If you are a young, black women looking or currently serving in to health, wellness, and beauty industry, Fill out the form. I will contact you to schedule an hour phone call about our business journey.


Our vision with Talk to B is to improve the entrepreneurial experience for women in the health, beauty, and wellness industry.

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To make this conversation impactful as possible, let me know how can I help!