Give yourself PROPS! Show yourself love.

*Blows the dust off of Blog Page* 

Hey guys! 

I know I've been doing my small business thang, but I had a word. I don't really do personal blogging but I had to say something at this point in my life!

Recently, I went to an AH-mazing viewing/panel discussion entitled "She Did That Film." in Charlotte, NC. I was hands down one of the youngest people in the room. I was around black women bloggers, authors, filmmakers, designers, etc. I saw a bunch of "future me's" in the room, lol. I went with another black business owner, Miss Ky' ( Miss Ky' is super important in this lesson.

I was fighting myself about whether I wanted to introduce my product to other random women that I've never met before. I know, I know, but It's really easy to feel small in a room like that. I was there to be out of my comfort zone, practice, and inspiration.

Towards the end of the night, I finally bring my product out my tote bag and got so many product/packaging compliments. I received all of these compliments and I could not just say "Thank You". For example, someone said, "Your packaging is great!" I replied, "Oh, really? Thanks. It's just a sticker." It's like I was dimming my own light! I mean the whole night I was doing this. Miss Ky' pulled me to the side and said: "Show yourself, love, too."

I'm sharing this small but meaningful moment to tell you even when you're on your journey love your imperfections on the way. I am a perfection queen!!! I believe I would be far more fearless if I wasn't to fixed on PERFECT.

If you are in school (NCAT19 YERD! lol), a creative, on your career, or anything amongst greatness just know you ARE doing the damn thing. You are worthy of all the praise you get because you are working for it.


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